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Organizing Your Home Office
by: Samuel Murray
When organizing your office, youíve got a couple choices. Write a list of all the little things that need to be done and work on them a few minutes each day, or dive straight into the deep end and do it all in one fell swoop.

If youíre sick of your entire office, box it all up like youíre moving, and set the boxes in a different room. Then unpack one box at a time and organize from the bottom Ėup. Make sure to file papers as you go along.

I like the ďlittle at a timeĒ approach. My first step would be to take all the papers that are scattered about and put them into one box. You can file these now, or clean your desktop and surrounding area further. I like putting all the filing together, all the books together, and then working on one pile at a time.

If several folks in your home are receiving mail, you can use wall-mounted acrylic holders and just label them with each personís name. That takes care of the mail lying around.

A friend of mine keeps all her bills on her refrigerator with a magnet. As soon as they come in, they go straight on the fridge. That way, they canít get lost underneath piles of papers. Iíve adopted this idea and itís saved me a huge headache. Now I donít have a bunch of envelopes and bills lying around on my desktop, just waiting for payday.

Decide what your office needs and designate a spot for each item. If you make calls from this area, youíll need a phone, phone book, message pad and pens.

Youíll need a place for the computer and accessories, plus a spot for copy paper.

Set up the basics first, and then decide item-by-item what else you want to place in your office. Do you have room for personal items? Pictures can be placed on a bulletin board or hung on the wall. You ability to focus and accomplish is affected by a messy desktop, so make it a priority to keep it decluttered.

Once youíve set up the office and filed your paperwork, you can buy some colored folders or stickers and color-code your files to make it easier to find what youíre looking for.

If you take just 15 minutes every other day to clean off your desk and surrounding work area, youíll find your home office a much more pleasant place to work! And your personal efficiency will skyrocket as well!

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